Tom Sylvester

Tom Sylvester is a 1982 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Academy's Department of Astronautics and Computer Science.
He worked as a "rocket scientist" for the Air Force's Ballistic Missile Office, then later as a staff officer in Washington, DC, where he headed the Air Force's Parts Standardization Program for Air Force Systems Command and was the Air Force's representative to the Government/Industry Data Exchange Program.
Tom has over 17,000 hours of flying in his pilot log book.  He is an airline pilot and holds four large aircraft type ratings. Over his flying career he has flown corporate aircraft, executive charters, organ transplant "life" flights, commuter/regional turboprop aircraft, and has thousands of hours of pilot time in aircraft such as the BAe-3201, EMB-120, DC-9, Boeing 757, Airbus A319/A320 and Airbus A330.  He is currently flying the Boeing 747.
Tom holds a dozen software copyrights and his four novels (Amazon) are registered with the Screenwriter's Guild in Hollywood. The fourth novel, The Bolden Directive, was just released.
He consulted with a Washington DC engineering firm and developed software for the aerospace industry, including Equity Claim coding for distribution of over $400M in bankruptcy claims to the pilots at his airline. He is was an alternate member of the NWA ALPA Merger Committe for the Northwest Airlines/Delta Airlines corporate merge.
Tom is a partner with Cerventis, LLC, and head of the design team of the MusicJam portable mixer for the iPod.
Tom has two patents, one as a result of a project with the bioengineering department at NC State University.
An avid guitarist, he plays his BulletProof brand guitar when no one else is around.
Tom is married with one daughter, who recently graduated from Harvard and is now attending medical school.


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